Nicole Christian
                             homegrown roots and blues
Press and Reviews

"Stephen King Takes Shining to Toronto Blues Singer"
Toronto Star, Aug 15, 2010
~Paul McLaughlin

"With a voice mildly reminiscent of Sue Foley, Nicole Christian 
delivers a unique and hauntingly beautiful Debut Album, filled 
with a special style of homegrown roots and blues music, the 
likes of which we do not often have the good fortune of experiencing."
~John Vermilyea, Underground Blues Network

"I got your new CD and i must say i am absolutely delighted, thrilled, taken with it, loving it, listening to it over and over."
~Les Reynolds, Kentuckiana Blues Society Board of Directors

" ...Right from “Weary Bones” to “Would It Be Enough”, her literate lyrics capture the listener.                                                    Some of the songs are on the long side but she knows how to                                                    tell a story and the lyrics are thoughtfully provided. Her                                                              Caravan is ten strong but never overwhelming, carefully                                                             arranged for maximum variety. .."
                                                              -John Valenteyn, Maple Blues Newsletter